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aboutThe mission of the Center for In Vivo Imaging Research (CIVIR) is to develop technologies to investigate the interactions between the immune, vascular and nervous systems with the aim to understand dynamic biological processes and decipher the sequence of events and their causative relationship that lead to disease and utilize these tools to design and test effective treatments.

The Gladstone Institutes established the CIVIR in 2010. The center is a unified area of custom-made microscopes designed for in vivo imaging, surgical stations, animal holding rooms, and computer stations with specialized software for image analysis. Specifically, the CIVIR offers:

  • Two multiphoton microscopes customized for in vivo imaging
  • Novel imaging tools to overcome the challenges of simultaneous in vivo imaging of inflammation, neurodegeneration, myelin, cell-cell interactions, and increased vascular permeability
  • Fluorescent reporter transgenic mice
  • Established protocols for in vivo imaging of vascular permeability, innate and adaptive immune responses to facilitate multiple labeling of different components of tissue damage
  • Training in live animal imaging to the community to enable the integration of in vivo imaging applications to scientific projects related to inflammation, neurobiology, vascular biology and cancer

A major goal of the CIVIR is to develop methodology for detection of early events in nervous system injury or disease using repetitive imaging. These tools will be used to detect early stages of disease and identify novel targets for molecular imaging and therapeutic intervention in human diseases.