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center overviewThe Center for In Vivo Imaging Research (CIVIR) is housed entirely on one floor within the Animal Facility of the Gladstone Institutes. The space allows for uninterrupted workflow of animal housing, surgery, high resolution multiphoton microscopy, and computational analysis. It is ideal for repetitive imaging experiments, since imaging, microscopy and animal holding are all performed within a barrier facility.

The CIVIR currently has 2 rooms, each with a surgical station and a two-photon microscope, and an adjacent room for animal holding.


CIVIR was founded with generous support to the Akassoglou lab for the purchase of in vivo two photon microscopy equipment by Lundbeck, the Bechtel Foundation, and an anonymous donor.

Ongoing projects are funded by collaborative research grants or recharges for use of equipment and contribution to CIVIR personnel effort.


The CIVIR is located in the Gladstone Institutes, adjacent to the Mission Bay campus of University of California, San Francisco.

Our address, maps and parking directions can be found on our Contact Us page.