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  • Prairie Ultima IV in vivo two-photon microscope with MaiTai DeepSee laser from SpectraPhysics
  • Olympus Fluoview FV1000MPE two-photon microscope with 6 confocal lasers and 4 external detectors for multi-color in vivo imaging: this system is equipped with a second Mai Tai DeepSee laser and CARS module that allows myelin imaging without fluorescent labeling
  • Each microscope has Newport vibration isolation air table with seismic restraints
  • Each microscope has Narishige electronic micromanipulator and microinjection system

Prairie and Olympus


  • Olympus Stereomicroscope
  • Surgical station including surgical tools and equipment used during surgical procedures and during imaging such as head-holding and spinal adaptors, high speed drills, bead sterilizers, heating pads, air heaters, surgical lights etc.
Surgery area

Image Processing Workstation and Software

  • Dell workstation and 30 inch monitor
  • Volocity software
  • CIVIR Server (on Gladstone server) 2TB current dedicated space, ability to support expansion as needed.